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Taking the Amazon into Consideration

Posted by on Thursday, April 14, 2022 in Projects.

In this three-part lesson on the Amazon, students will first watch and answer questions on EdPuzzle about a video. Then, students will brainstorm and research with a peer on an ecological issue pertaining to the Amazon. Lastly, students will write a letter to the Amazon.

Lesson Overview:

  • Portuguese
  • Intermediate (High)
  • Multiple class sessions
  • Creative Tool: EdPuzzle
  • No costs involved

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan

Supplementary Worksheet

Project Description:

The goal of this lesson is to introduce some ecological concerns about the Amazon to intermediate Portuguese students and foster a written response from them. Students will first become aware of some of these ecological issues by watching and answering questions on EdPuzzle. Then in pairs, students will discuss the content of the video and research more an aspect of it. Students will then organize their thoughts and write a letter to the Amazon, reflecting what they have learned.

Students will work on the following ACTFL communication modes:

Interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational

Students will work on the following language skills:

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking


Danielle Dorvil

Vanderbilt University

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