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Social Media for Social Learning

Posted by on Thursday, April 14, 2022 in Projects.

Students use social media to share moments in their daily lives as they relate to class content. Instructors will post a weekly photo and related question which ties into the week’s lessons or themes, and students will respond with their own posts and then interact with other posts throughout the week. To close out each week, the instructor will integrate the weekly posts into a classroom activity.

Lesson Overview:

  • German
  • All levels
  • An entire semester
  • Creative Tools:, a closed Instragram group, or other similar photosharing platforms
  • No costs involved

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan

Project Description:

Students use social media to share moments in their daily lives as they relate to class content. This project is intended to be carried out over the semester with a weekly lesson plan, but can also be used as much or as little as desired, depending on how intensely the instructor wants to integrate the project in class. On the Monday of each week the instructor posts a photo and a related question, which students then interpret and take inspiration from when responding to the question and interacting with each other’s posts over the course of the week. This project is meant to engage learners in multiple modes of learning on a weekly basis and to foster an L2 community outside the classroom. If carried out over an entire semester is can also be an excellent opportunity for the student to reflect on their own growth over the semester, as well as to encourage deeper cultural connections and comparisons by integrating student’s daily lives and experiences into the course.

Students will work on the following ACTFL communication modes:

Interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational

Students will work on the following language skills:

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking


Amy Lynne Hill

Vanderbilt University

Special credits: This project was inspired by Kate Schaller

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