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In this lesson plan about vaccination, students will discuss vaccination practices in France, and more broadly in francophone countries. They will understand and be able to hold a conversation about the history and the necessity of vaccines. Students will create and film a vaccination awareness campaign message for social media, as their capstone project. Reading, writing, speaking and listening activities are integrated in the multiple activities of this 4-day project.

Lesson Overview:

Lesson Plan:

lesson plan – La vaccination

Project Description:

Students will watch a video about the history of vaccination. Questions have been inserted into the video thanks to EdPuzzle. The clip pauses each time a question pops up to give time to students to write their answers. After that, students discuss their answers in pairs or in small groups, then as a whole class. Following these activities, students will analyze a newspaper article containing the COVID-19 vaccination rate of countries around the world. Discussion will follow. Students will pick a francophone country and will be guided to create their own vaccination awareness campaign clip for that specific country and present it to the whole class.

Students will work on the following ACTFL communication modes:

Interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational

Students will work on the following language skills:

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking


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