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Students use actions from their vacations as the basis for narrating and illustrating a storyboard in the past tense. This activity incorporates the interpersonal and presentational modes of communication by asking students to interview each other and share information in a storyboard.


Before class activities:
– Ask students to review conjugations and uses of the simple past tense.

In class day 1: Interview
– Ask students to work in pairs to interview each other: One student asks questions about who/what/where/when related to a vacation that they took or an imagined vacation using pretérito verbs. This student takes notes on the vacation story. The students then swap roles. Remind students that they may invent details. This activity allows the students to practice asking questions in the you form and responding to questions in the I form, while also practicing key vocabulary terms, interpersonal communication, and comprehension.

Homework: Storyboard on vacations using pretérito
– Ask students to use their notes from the interview to write 10 sentences in the preterite about their partner’s vacation story. Students should include key vocabulary and write in the preterite tense.

In class day 2:

-Direct students to use to create 3 panels that show where their partner went and what they did. Students should skip the log in section and just go to create a storyboard. Students should select a background, people, and speech bubbles for each panel. Remind students to use the pretérito for a sequence of past events. Once students have created their scenes, ask them to take a screenshot and upload their image to the Learning Management System, Google drive, etc.

-To practice presentational speech, have students work in groups and share their storyboards.




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Andre Ramos Chacon
Vanderbilt University
February 11, 2019
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