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This assignment combines culture, vocabulary, and the presentational mode of speech. In this lesson, students use to create an infographic about the families of a Spanish-speaking country. My goal with this project is to expose students to data about other countries, have students practice writing short descriptions, invite students to make comparisons with the United States, and have students use their infographic posters to practice speaking.

Project Overview:

  • Spanish
  • Novice (Low, Mid, High)
  • One class session
  • Website
  • No costs involved


Lesson Plan:

Family Infographic Lesson Plan

Family Infographic Worksheet

Example Infographic


Project Description:

After introducing the necessary vocabulary, I assign students a country and have them complete the attached worksheet. This worksheet asks them guiding questions about the people in an average household from that country. Students consult the UN and government data websites provided on the worksheet to answer the questions. Once students complete the worksheet, I ask students to make an infographic using the template from the Canva website. Students enter text about their country based on the data that they identified and select images from the selection of free pictures available on the site.

Upon completing their designs, the students use their infographics to give a one-minute presentational talk about the country.


Melanie Forehand

Vanderbilt University

August 28, 2018

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

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