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Posted by on Friday, August 9, 2019 in Projects.

This lesson uses the website Edpuzzle and a Youtube video as part of a unit on food vocabulary and commands. The activity engages the interpretive mode of communication as it asks students to engage with the authentic resource Tasty recipes. The activity gages comprehension with comprehension questions embedded in the video.


Lesson Overview:

  • Spanish
  • Novice (Low, Mid, High)
  • One class period
  • Website
  • No costs involved

Lesson Description:

After students have been introduced to the topic in class, in this case, food vocabulary, I ask students to watch a video using the original link from youtube for homework. I find it useful to provide the original link to the video so that the students can first see the information in an uninterrupted format and play the video at a slower speed. I then ask the students rewatch the video using the Edpuzzle site. When they click on the video, it will begin to play and will automatically stop where I have embedded a question. Students respond to the question and then the website will continue playing the remaining content. If students are unsure of the answer, they may rewind the video and play it again.

To use, you will need to create a free account and register your information. Once you have registered, you can either search for pre-made videos or you can add your own by clicking on the blue “add content” button. If you have identified a video that you want to use, you click “duplicate” as you hover over the video. From there, you have the option to crop the video or add a quiz. To add a quiz, click on the green “quizzes” button. Start to play the video and when you want to add a question, click on the green question mark button. If you prefer to upload your own material, click “add content” and then upload video. Add the video and follow the same steps as above to create a quiz.


Melanie Forehand

Vanderbilt University

August 30, 2018

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Protected content: Los politos de fruta

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