An International Commission of Inquiry for the South China Sea?: Defining the Law of Sovereignty to Determine the Chance for Peace

PDF · Ryan Mitchell · Aug-8-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 749 (2016)

Paradise Lost: Can the European Union Expel Countries from the Eurozone?

PDF · Jens Dammann · Aug-8-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 693 (2016)

“Measuring” the Erosion of Academic Freedom as an International Human Right: A Report on the Legal Protection of Academic Freedom in Europepdf

PDF · Klaus D. Beiter · Aug-8-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 597 (2016)

Divided We Fall: How the International Criminal Court Can Promote Compliance with International Law by Working with Regional Courts

PDF · Tatiana Sainati · Jan-30-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 191 (2016)

The Club Approach to Multilateral Trade Lawmaking

PDF · Nicolas Lamp · Jan-30-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 107 (2016)

Should Courts Fear Transnational Engagement?

PDF · Olga Frishman · Jan-30-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 59 (2016)

Should the Best Offense Ever Be a Good Defense? The Public Authority to Use Force in Military Operations: Recalibrating the Use of Force Rules in the Standing Rules of Engagement

PDF · Colonel Gary P. Corn · Jan-30-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 1 (2016)


From Nuremberg to Kenya: Compiling the Evidence for International Prosecutions Criminal

PDF · Jennifer Stanley · Aug-8-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 819 (2016)

Stopping the Circling Vultures: Restructuring a Solution to Sovereign Debt Profiteering

PDF · Elisa Beneze · Jan-30-2016 ·49 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 245 (2016)

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: The U.S. Solution to the Issue of Corporate Inversions

PDF · Scott DeAngelis · Nov-30-2015 ·48 VAND. J. TRANSNAT'L L. 1353 (2015)

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