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The issue of divorce for Jewish couples deserves special attention in American Law, ever since the New York Domestic Relations Act of 1992 (the so-called "New York Get Law", Article 13, Section 253) established connections between American public law and the obtaining of "get", the Jewish religious divorce decree without which (under ordinary circumstances) a Jewish individual cannot remarry.

JLAMT is not only committed to educating both legal professionals and laypeople about the current state of the law and its ramifications for their own religious lives, but also to insuring that all those who need a "get" have access to the means to receive one, in order to facilitate the religious dissolution of marriages whose dissolution has been completed under American law.

JLAMT's Get Project connects lawyers and divorce mediators with certified mesaddrei gittin, experts in Jewish Law with the technical skill to prepare traditional Jewish divorce decrees, in order to insure that divorces are effected without impediment under American Law and under Jewish Law alike.