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Student Organization Resources & Request Form

Student Organization Resources & Request Form

Student P-Card

The student P-Card is used for our student organizations that need to pay for expenses related to the organization.

To request P-Card or other resource use, please fill out this request form.

Radhika Reddy is the advisor for the student P-Card use. You will receive confirmation from ISSS when to pick up the P-Card when your request is approved. If your organization does not already have a Check-Out Agreement on file, you will have to fill this out prior to receiving the P-Card.

The P-Card must be returned within 24 hours, along with receipts of the purchases made. Make sure to write the organization name on the receipts. Failure to return the card within 24 hours, without express permission to do so, can result in loss of privilege for using the P-Card.

Please request the P-Card well in advance. It is checked out on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a question about a policy, don’t hesitate to contact your advisor.

*Note: when using the P-Card, remember that purchases are tax-exempt. That number is on the card and make sure to indicate this to the vendor.

Check Request

A check request can be made if a reimbursement on a purchase is needed. The check request form can be found in our office. In order to file this you will need the original receipts from the purchase, not a copy.

1180 Request

This request allows for purchases/transfers that happen on campus. This allows account to account transfers, rather than a credit card transaction. This requires an advisor’s signature. For this option, email Radhika at radhika.reddy@vanderbilt.edu. The P-Card can still be used for on-campus transactions, however.


If you have funds you need to deposit into an account, please bring the funds with you into the ISSS office and an advisor will help you with the deposit. You may also email ISSS at isss@vanderbilt.edu to let the advisors know you will be bringing the funds for deposit.

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