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Grocery Stores

405 American Road
Aldi’s is a no frills limited product store with the best prices in town. Bring your own grocery bags!

Piggly Wiggly
2900 West End Ave: 615-327-4187
This is a good place to find basic items at lower prices.  There is not a large selection of products here.

2201 21st Avenue South: 615-352-2567

2131 Abbott Martin Rd. (Green Hills): 615-269-5649
2615 Franklin Pike: 615-297-5517
4560 Harding Road: 615-269-5649
Kroger offers a wider selection than Apple Market, though not as varied as Harris Teeter.  Compared to other grocery stores, Kroger’s prices are mid-range.

26 White Bridge Road: 615-352-8461
Target is a good place to find home furnishings and electronics.  Target also carries a limited amount of food and grocery items.

Wal-Mart Supercenter Store
7044 Charlotte Pike: 615-352-1240
Wal-Mart carries all types of items, including clothing, electronics, home furnishings and a full stock of groceries at very low prices.

K-Mart Store
4095 Nolensville Pike: 615-856-7987
K-Mart resembles Target’s general style of merchandise, but usually less expensive and smaller.

CostCo Wholesale Club
6670 Charlotte Pike (West Nashville): 615-354-5100
Costco is a wholesale grocery and retail store that requires a membership fee.  Costco boasts large discounts on bulk items.

Sam’s Wholesale Club
1300 Antioch Pike: 615-834-9092
Sam’s Club has the same basic business structure as Costco and is great for buying in bulk.

Whole Foods Market
4021 Hillsboro Pike: 615-440-5100
Whole Foods is Nashville’s largest “green” grocery store priding itself in local and organic grocery products with professional grade produce, bakery and butchery.  While the prices are higher than most grocery stores, it is the best option of environmentally conscious consumers.

The Turnip Truck
East Nashville, 970 Woodland St: 615-650-3600
The Gulch, 321 12th Ave S: 615-248-2000
The Turnip truck is a locally owned grocery store sporting local/organic products.  This grocery store is especially helpful for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten allergy because of their unique variety of food substitutes. 

Nashville Farmer’s Market 900 Rosa Parks Blvd: 615-880-2001
The city of Nashville is proud of its large permanent farmer’s market by Capitol Hill. Open every day, you can purchase fresh produce from dozens of local farmers.  Go on the weekends for the largest selection of farmers. For a list of other Farmer’s Markets perhaps closer to you, click the following link:


Apna Bazaar
3808 Nolensville Rd: 615-333-0028

International Market & Restaurant
2010 Belmont Blvd: 615-297-4453

International Market
3231 Gallatin Pike: 615-258-2349

International Food Market
360 Elysian Fields Court: 615- 833-2775

International Food Mart
206 Thompson Lane: 615-333-9651

International Corner Market
2631 Nolensville Pike: 615-248-6888

International Market at the Farmer’s Market
900 8th Avenue North: 615-254-1697

K & S International Grocery
5861 Charlotte Pike: 615-354-1304
4225 Nolensville Pike: 615-832-8881

Kabul Global Foods
4504 Nolensville Pk: 615-831-1434

Patel Brothers
4043 Nolensville Pike, Nashville: 615-833-1555

Shubha Enterprises (specializes in Indian Groceries)
2523 Nolensville Rd.: 615-242-0204

Spice of India
9100 Carothers Parkway, Franklin, TN 37067-6300: 615-771-7311

Suraj Imports (specializes in Indian Groceries)
1807 Church Street: 615-321-3818