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Template Language and Guidance

CLICK HERE for an extensive database of template language published by The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).


Language Title

Adverse EventAdverse Event
Allergic ReactionAllergic Reaction
Anti-Nausea Medication for ChemotherapyAnti-Nausea Chemotherapy
Blood CollectionBlood Collection
NEWCertificates of ConfidentialityNIH Coc Policy Notice
Communicable Disease TestingCommunicable Disease Testing
Conflict of Interest DisclosureCOI Disclosure
Conscious SedationConscious Sedation
Contrast Risks (CT)CT with contrast
Dissent ProcedureDissent Procedures
Dose EscalationDose Escalation
Drug InteractionDrug Interaction
e-Consente-consent_IRB application
fMRI ProcedurefMRI Procedure
Incidental Findings LanguageIF language
Incidental Findings GuidanceIF guide
International Research GuidanceInternational-Research-Guidance
High RiskHigh Risk
HIV TestingHIV Testing
Lidocaine UseLidocaine Use
Monoclonal Humanized AntibodyMonoclonal Humanized Antibody
MRI ProcedureMRI Procedure
Non-Paternity DNA TestingNon Paternity DNA Testing
Pregnancy Language (adults)Pregnancy Adults
Pregnancy Language (minors, ages 12-17)Pregnancy Minors
Privacy and Confidentiality for MinorsPrivacy Confidentiality Minor
NEWHIPAA Privacy and ConfidentialityPrivacy-and-Confidentiality
Reimbursement for Research Participation (including over $600 annually)Reimbursement for Participation
Research DerivativeResearch Derivative
Risks of Radiological ProceduresRadiological Procedures
Sticky Pads and ECGSticky Pad
Suicidal IdeationSuicidal Ideation
Synthetic DerivativeSynthetic-Derivative
Withdrawal from ResearchWithdrawal