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The Office of Investments has enjoyed a partnership with Vanderbilt University Athletics and is always eager to work with student-athletes who are interested in finance. During the internship experience, student-athletes have the opportunity to assist either our investment or operations teams. Our investment interns directly support our public or private teams, determining short- and long-term allocation targets, uncovering and performing diligence on prospective investment managers, and monitoring either the private or public portfolio, both in aggregate and at the manager level. Students can also get hands-on experience supporting the operations team by updating performance metrics, data, and files; handling investment manager reports; and maintaining portfolio and operational data in our investment database. The broad scope of the endowment’s work means that no two internships are the same, but guarantees that students leave with broad exposure to projects and daily tasks.

Growth Opportunity

Many students find that the internship provides a crash course in the world of finance and investments, equipping them to understand or express commentary on financial markets and preparing them for future jobs and interviews. By reading and hearing market commentary and stock pitches from skilled managers and participating in strategic and tactical discussions, interns develop a framework for understanding the investment landscape that they can use to form and express their own investment opinions. Interns receive mentorship from analysts, managers, and managing directors throughout the internship.


The internship program provides unpaid internship opportunities with financial support from the Athletic Department. The summer is an optimal time to equip student-athletes with needed work and practical experience. The Vanderbilt Student-Athlete Summer Internship Program runs concurrent with summer sessions (June and July). Interns are placed at sites around Nashville. Interns must complete at least 20 hours per week on site, four days per week. Academic credit will not be provided during the internships and all will be unpaid. The primary purpose of this program is to gain valuable work experience for the student-athletes without the need to be concerned about how basic needs are met (Vanderbilt Athletics provides housing and meals). Vanderbilt Athletics staff members oversee the placements, monitor attendance, and closely assess participation and the overall experience. The student-athlete will be asked to complete "learning objectives" for their experience, and the supervisor completes a final performance evaluation.

Who Can Apply

Our program is designed specifically for student-athletes who are rising juniors and seniors seeking office experience and exposure.  We are looking for students with an outstanding record of academic achievement and a passion for finance and investments.  If you meet these criteria, please visit our booth at the next job fair sponsored by Vanderbilt Athletics. More specific information will be provided when it becomes available. 


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