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About Us

The Office of Audit, Risk, & Compliance (ARC) is comprised of two distinct functions and a University-wide program. ARC serves the Vanderbilt Board of Trust and University leadership by providing independent and objective evaluations of University activities designed to enhance operations, mitigate risks, and ensure the achievement of Vanderbilt’s mission.  

The Audit, Risk, and Advisory Services (Audit) team consists of 10 certified and licensed professionals who perform audits and consultations on every aspect of University operations from University admissions to facilities access to environmental health and safety compliance.  Their reviews focus primarily on internal controls, compliance with laws and regulations, effective and efficient use of resources and fraud prevention and detection.

The University Compliance team is currently comprised of two individuals responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring Vanderbilt’s Compliance Program.  Execution of the Program is designed to promote awareness of the University’s responsibilities with regards to federal and state laws and regulations, provide guidance, monitor VU’s various compliance functions, and help leadership to address compliance concerns.

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program at Vanderbilt is designed to proactively manage the portfolio of critical risks to accomplishing the University’s mission.  ARC facilitates the program by assisting management identify, assess, and mitigate those risks.

For more information regarding the services we provide, please visit the remainder of our website or contact any member of our team.