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Closing Collections

Posted by on Monday, April 9, 2018 in Archives, Official Notices.

Housing Facilities is pleased to offer our Move-out Donation Drive program again this year. Bins will be available Mon., Apr. 23 through Closing!

Each spring OHARE partners with local organizations giving students an opportunity to donate reusable, unwanted items. The benefits for Vanderbilt include reducing waste and abandoned items, allowing faster turnover for summer school and conferences.

Students will be glad to know diverse individuals across Middle Tennessee benefit from their donations! Currently five local non-profit organizations collect donations from residential donation points and one trailer. On average first year halls generate approximately nine pick-up truck loads during the collection period, while upper class halls produce 15-20 loads.

Once items are placed in wire collection bins they become the property of the organization collecting. Bin “shopping” is prohibited. By doing these things, students are a tremendous help to the agencies and those in need.