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Unwind for Solidarity Giveaway

Posted by on Monday, April 26, 2021 in Archives, News.

April 25-30

Join Vanderbilts chapter of Partners in Health in Unwind for Solidarity, a giveaway fundraiser, for a chance to win a speaker, Polaroid camera, or oil diffuser!

Unwind for Solidarity is a week-long event (April 25-30) where participants are encouraged to take part in some form of self care activity during these stressful finals seasons.

Those who register to enter the giveaway will be able to de-stress while simultaneously supporting maternal health in Sierra Leone with donations of $5 (Venmo: @vandy-pih or team page). Participants who enter twice will have a higher chance of having the name drawn for a prize.

Why is self care important?
Unwinding in solidarity is a way for Vanderbilt PIH Engage to acknowledge the need for self-care in the Vanderbilt community while supporting and fundraising in solidarity with community health workers. Especially during COVID and with finals approaching, Vanderbilt students need to prioritize taking time to unwind. In one study, students who engaged in self-care reported less stress and a higher quality of life (Ayala et al., 2018).  Studies have shown that relaxation helps with heart health, stress, reducing muscle tensions, improves brain function and memory, and helps avoid chronic disease and mental health problems (Yale, 2016). Some techniques for relation include deep breathing, meditation, progressive deep muscle relaxation, and visualization (Yale, 2016). Take the time to relax while helping PIH fundraise for a good cause.

How to enter the giveaway? Follow these 2 steps during April 25-30:

1 entry: Register here (10 min) and give a strongly suggested donation of $5 to enter the giveaway once.

2 entries: Post a picture of yourself during a self care activity on your Instagram story and tag us @vandy_pihengage using the hashtag #unwindforsolidarity.

Names will be drawn at the end of the giveaway.

Want to donate? 

Donate through venmo @vandy-pih or through our team page.

Want to learn more about the fundraiser for the center of maternal excellence in Sierra Leone? Click here. 



Feel free to email Tanisha Stephens at or Chidiogo Nwakoby at