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SIM Partners in Research Interest Meeting

Posted by on Monday, September 20, 2021 in Archives, News.

SIM Partners in Research Interest Meeting

Date: Wednesday, September 22
Time: 5-6PM
Location: Buttrick Hall 206

The Partners in Research program allows students to learn about research, network, and grow in leadership amongst their peers. Participants are split into groups of four, with a student from each grade level, and the senior is the mentor for that group. It is expected that groups meet 2-3 times in the fall semester and 4 times in the spring semester. During these meetings, members can share their experiences and learn about the research process from how to find a lab to how to write a paper. Each member is required to attend 1 faculty dinner a year (hosted by SIM). Additionally, older members are required to present their research once a year, whether that be at a poster presentation or hosting a powerpoint presentation for their research groups. The younger members are expected to attend 1 presentation a year.


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