Sarratt Student Center Renovation

Jack Davis, Director, Student Centers

Over the next several weeks students will have a chance to help re envision Sarratt Student Center.   With the bookstore moving at the beginning of November the student community is being given a great opportunity to help design and repurpose the entire Sarratt/Rand complex.   The Dean of Students is excited to engage in a campus wide discussion.   Students are encourage to stop by the Sarratt Promenade September 13, 14, 15 and the Commons Center on September 21st to participate in short focus groups and take a survey.

A total of four students from Vanderbilt Student Government, Multicultural Leadership Council, and Active Citizenship and Service will serve on the renovation planning committee.   The students will be working directly with the Dean of Students office, architects, and campus planning to help shape the final project.  You can follow and participate in the entire renovation process at   Throughout the process we will be providing updates at, this site features the project goals, timeline, and regular updates.

Although we will not be able to fulfill all the needs and desires of the campus community with this renovation, we will focus on continuing to make Sarratt a vibrant student center by developing a phased plan with a goal of completing an initial renovation by the fall of 2012.   I appreciate your patience as we develop a plan to move forward.