Outdoor Recreation

OCT. 28 – 29 (Fri – Sat)
CAMPING & HIKING @ Standing Stone State Park, TN
Cost: $45               Sign-up by:   Fri, Oct. 21             Pre-Trip Meeting:   Tue, Oct. 25 at 6 PM

We will camp Friday night, and then spend part of Saturday hiking the 5-mile Bryan-€™s Fork Lake Trail.   The trail, rated -€œmoderate-€, follows the lake at times, and also goes up a ridge to a nice overlook.   The fall colors could be pretty spectacular!     We can also drive to Burgess Falls State Park on the way back to VU and see 3 impressive waterfalls in just 1.5 miles of hiking.   Estimated trip duration: 6 PM Fri -€“ 7 PM Sat.


OCT. 30 (Sun)
TRAIL BUILDING @ Beaman Park, Nashville, TN
FREE!                Sign-up by:   Fri, Oct. 21                                     Pre-Trip Meeting: Tue, Oct. 25 at 5 PM

Beaman Park is a relatively new park in Nashville that is being developed as a more natural park, rather than a -€œball field park-€.   This time we will help build a trail that will loop back to the Nature Center from the boardwalk.   Experienced trail volunteers and equipment will be provided to help us.   Lunch is also provided, and hiking afterward is an option.   Estimated trip duration:   12:00 PM -€“ 6 PM.


NOV. 5 (Sat)
CANOEING (& optional BIKING) @Green River, Mammoth Cave National Park, KY
Cost: $36               Sign-up by:   Fri, Oct. 28           Pre-Trip Meeting:   Tue, Nov. 1 at 6 PM

The Green River floats right through Mammoth Cave National Park!   We will canoe a 6.5 mile stretch of the deep river (great for beginners).   The scenic river is surrounded by wooded hills and some exposed bluffs and caves.   The fall colors should be impressive.   If you have a bike suitable for dirt roads, you are welcome to bring it to ride the one way (mostly downhill) shuttle.   Estimated trip duration:   7 AM -€“ 8 PM.


NOV. 6   (Sun)
HIKING @ Radnor Lake State Natural Area, TN
Cost: $3                   Sign-up by:   Fri, Oct. 28           Pre-Trip Meeting:   Tue, Nov. 1 at 5 PM

This is your chance for an afternoon break in the woods!   Radnor Lake is a nice State Natural Area that is surprisingly within Nashville!   Plan on hiking about 3 hours: up and down the wooded ridges and around the lake.   Total hiking distance is 4-5 miles.   Estimated trip duration:   1 PM -€“ 5 PM.


NOV. 12 (Sat)
HIKING @ Hidden Passage Trail, TN
Cost: $29               Sign-up by:   Fri, Nov. 4                 Pre-Trip Meeting:   Tue, Nov. 8 at 6 PM

The Hidden Passage Trail is located in the beautiful Pickett State Park, next to Big South Fork National River and Rec. Area.   We will hike this 8-mile moderately difficult trail.   Highlights include rockhouses, bluffs with scenic views, small arches, and possible waterfalls, depending on the recent rain.       Hopefully some fall colors will still be remaining for us to see.     If time allows, we will check out some of the other arches in the park.     Estimated trip duration:   7 AM -€“ 9 PM.


NOV. 13 (Sun)
(Intermediate -€“ Advanced)     CLIMBING @ Jackson Falls, IL
Cost:         $42       Sign-up by: Fri, Nov. 4                   Pre-Trip Meeting: Tue, Nov. 8 at 5 PM

For this intermediate to advanced trip we are traveling to Southern Illinois to climb at Jackson Falls. This -€œso ill-€ favorite has enough quality sandstone to keep us busy for days. The climbs at Jackson Falls are diverse and the rock quality is great. Most of the routes we will do fall in the 5.8-5.10 range and go from low angle slabs to overhanging pump fests.   Estimated trip duration:   7AM to 10 PM.



To sign up for a trip, come to the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC), located on 2600 Children’s Way, kind of behind the Student  Rec. Center, and pay a deposit or the full amount of the trip.     The ORC accepts cash, check, and the Vanderbilt Commodore Card.   For more info on trips, workshops, and equipment rentals, check out the web at



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