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Nominations for Faculty Teaching Awards

Posted by on Friday, November 12, 2021 in Archives, News.

Nominations for Faculty Teaching Awards

Every year, the Chancellor presents awards for excellence in teaching to two faculty members: The Madison Sarratt Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Ellen Gregg Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching. These awards are chosen based on input from you.

This is your opportunity to honor the great teachers that have most impacted your college experience. You are invited to nominate a faculty member using this link: When filling out the nomination form, it is helpful to provide specific examples of how a faculty member’s teaching was effective impactful and inclusive.

Students may nominate faculty they learned from in the current semester or previous semesters. Nominations must be received by December 15, 2021 to be considered.

Please help us to ensure that we honor the best undergraduate teachers at Vanderbilt regardless of subject area or class size. Please submit your nomination today!