McTyeire Fireside Chat

McTyeire Fireside Chat:  -€œDoes Democracy Matter? A Conversation on the Political Determinants of Development-€
Presented by:  Professor Jonathan Hiskey

Since Aristotle, scholars have long searched for connections between a society-€™s political system and its chances for sustainable and equitable development. As the -€œthird wave of democracy-€ has spread throughout the developing world over the past three decades, efforts to understand the possible contributions of democratic regimes on development have increased, but are confronted with the highly successful development model of the decidedly undemocratic Chinese political regime. In this fireside chat, we will explore the various opportunities and obstacles that a country-€™s political system may pose for its economic and human development prospects.

When: Thursday, November 14th at 7 p.m.
Where: McTyeire International House, Fireside Lounge