International Lens

International Lens, a film series with a global perspective, uses film screenings as a forum to promote conversation among Vanderbilt-€™s diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. International Lens strives to transcend geographic, ethnic, religious, linguistic, and political boundaries by facilitating conversation and greater cross-cultural understanding through cinema. The series is a partnership among the Office of the Dean of students and academic departments, centers, and programs.
Admission is FREE.
All films are open to the public. All films in Sarrett Cinema at 7:30 p.m, unless otherwise noted.
For parking maps and additional information visit or call 322-6400

Upcoming Calendar:
Wednesday, Jan. 18
The Strange Case of Angelica
Portugal Spain, France, Brazil (2008) Dir: Manoel de Oliveira. A well-to-do family hires a young photographer to take the last photograph of their deceased daughter. Upon seeing her, he falls deeply in love and soon finds her returning to life in his camera lens. Portuguese with English subtitles. Not rated. 97 mins.  Funding provided by Nashville Premieres.
Thursday, Jan. 19
After Life
Presented by: Dr. Gerald Figal, Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies
Japan (1993) Dir: Hirokazu Koreeda. This fantasy drama imagines that after death, people have just one week to pick a memory to take with them to eternity. A group of afterlife counselors aid the newly dead in picking their memory and recreating it, filming it, and screening it. Japanese with English subtitles. Not rated. 118 mins.
Wednesday, Jan. 25
City of Borders
Presented by: Office of LGBTQI Life  
Israel, USA (2009) Dir: Yun Suh. In the heart of Jerusalem stands an unusual symbol of unity that defies generations of segregation, violence, and prejudice: a gay bar called Shushan. This documentary follows the lives of five Israeli and Palestinian patrons as they navigate the minefield of politics, religion, and discrimination in order to live and love openly in a world of conflict. English, Hebrew, and Arabic. Not rated. 66 mins. DVD.  Funding provided by the Office of LGBTQI Life.
Saturday, Jan 28 Note: screened at 10 p.m in The Commons Center MPR
100 Days
Presented by: Dr. Gregory Barz, Associate Professor of Musicology and Faculty Head ofHouse, North House at The Commons  
UK, Rwanda (2001) Dir: Nick Hughes. Shot at the site of the Rwandan genocide, this drama explores the tragedy of the conflict between Hutu and Tutsi. It follows the story of a young Tutsi girl as she struggles to survive the killing by taking refuge in a local church, where a Hutu Catholic priest betrays her and her family. English. Not rated. 100 mins. DVD.  Funding provided in part by Global Perspectives and The Commons North House.