International Lens


Wednesday, October 19

7 PM Sarratt Center

Presented by: Ling Hon Lam, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies
China  (2009) Dir: Hi Guan. At the onset of WWII, a dim-witted peasant is given a loyal Dutch cow who produces milk with alleged healing powers. This absurdly comedic duo becomes the unlikely hero and the last line of defense when the Japanese enter their town. A surrealist and dark humor, alongside the gritty atmosphere of war, unravel as man and beast survive the elements of a hard-scrabbled existence. Mandarin with English subtitles. Not Rated. 105 mins. Digibeta.

Inspector Bellamy

Thursday, October 20
7 PM Sarratt Center

Presented by: Lisa Weiss, Lecturer, Department of French and Italian, as part of  The Tournées Festival

France  (2009) Dir: Claude Chabrol. Eminent director Chabrol makes his 50th and final feature film a wry thriller about a police commissioner trying to balance professional instinct with family duty. Bellamy and his wife are spending their vacation in a quiet town when a shadowy figure intrudes and launches him into a mysterious psychodrama of twisting plots and crime solving. French with English subtitles. Not Rated. 110 mins.

La Belle Endormie (The Sleeping Beauty)

Tuesday, October 25
7 PM Sarratt Center

Presented by: Patricia Armstrong, Senior Lecturer, Department of French and Italian, as part of The Tournées Festival  
France  (2011) Dir: Catherine Breillat. In a castle in a far away land in a far away time, Anastasia is born. Soon after, she is cursed to sleep for 100 years and for a century Anastasia will live in the world of dreams. This edgy, deconstructed take on Charles Perrault-€™s classic, voyages into the crawlspace between childhood and adolescence, the unattainable and the all-too-real. French with English subtitles. Not Rated. 82 mins. DVD.
Veer Zaara (Veer-Zaara)

Wednesday, October 26
NOTE: screened at 6:30 p.m. in Sarratt Cinema. Indian food will be served during an intermission from 8-€“8:30 p.m.  
Presented by: Todd Hughes, Director of Instructional Technology, Center for Second Language Studies; Denise Callejas, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

India  (2004) Dir: Yasha Chopra. A pilot with the Indian Air Force rescues a Pakistani girl stranded in India after a bus accident. Twenty-two years later, the mystery of the pilot-€™s disappearance and sentencing to a Pakistani jail for that time comes to light. A saga of love, separation, courage, and sacrifice is unveiled. Hindi with English subtitles. Not rated. 192 mins. DVD. Funding provided in part by the Center for Second Language Studies.



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