Emerging Leaders Series 2011

The Emerging Leaders Series is a semester long program designed to help you as a first-year student discover your leadership abilities at Vanderbilt University. Through engaging workshops, group activities, and building relationships, ELS is aimed to transition your leadership experience from high school to the university community.


Who Participates In ELS?

Emerging Leaders Series is for  ALL first-year students interested in sharpening their leadership skills and becoming active in the Vanderbilt community.   Students attending ELS may be leaders in the classroom; a service, political, or cultural organization; fraternity or sorority; VSG or house councils. Our mission is to further development your demonstrated leadership abilities, while networking with other emerging leaders from across campus.

How Do I Get Involved?

To participate in the Emerging Leaders Series you  MUST be a first-year student living in the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons and  fill out the registration form provided in the link below. You may sign up to attend all sessions and workshops, or just one.

The first event is the Leadership Bootcamp Conference on Saturday, September 24th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Register now!

You may register for one or all of the Emerging Leaders Series workshops and conferences. There is a maximum amount of people we can accept for each session, so register now!

Registration link: