Apply to be a Vandy Sex Ed Peer Educator!

Fancy yourself the next Dr. Ruth? Want to contribute to the health of your community?
Apply to be a Vandy Sex Ed peer educator with the Women’s Center!

Undergraduate students interested in becoming Vandy Sex Ed peer educators should apply  via Anchorlink: Those selected for an interview will have a  20-minute interview on April 8th, 9th, or 10th.

Program Information

Vandy Sex Ed Peer Education Program Vision: Our vision for the Sexual Health Peer Education Program is to arm peer educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to help both themselves and their peers make healthy and informed decisions around sex and sexuality.

Peer Educators will:

  • Attend a two-day training in September (tentative dates: 9/6 and 9/7)
  • Attend weekly meetings throughout the 2014/2015 academic year. Approximately half of these meetings will be -€œDeeper Learning Sessions-€ designed to increase skills and knowledge related to sexuality; others will be used for planning, decision-making, and other business
  • Record weekly -€œcontact-€ hours made with individuals. Examples could include helping someone on your floor connect with a sexuality resource, providing clarifying information to someone who gives incorrect sexual health information, etc.;
  • Facilitate a minimum number of programs throughout the year: New peer educators will facilitate a minimum of two Let-€™s Talk About Sex Vandy programs during the Spring of 2015. Returning peer educators will help facilitate the fall training, as well as facilitate two Let-€™s Talk About Sex, Vandy programs during the academic year
  • Actively serve on a Vandy Sex Ed committee
  • Support and foster a culture of healthy sexuality (that sexuality is a central part of being human, and individuals express their sexuality in a variety of ways) within the Vanderbilt community
  • Provide the Vanderbilt community with medically-accurate sexual health information and be educated and informed around current sexual health issues

For more information, visit or  contact