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2011 Move Crew Welcomes First-Years In Fine Style

Posted by on Monday, September 5, 2011 in Archives, News.


Dylan Reed, Director, First-Year Assignments and Housing Assessments, Office of Housing and Residential Education

Saturday August 20th saw the arrival of Vanderbilt-€™s Class of 2015 to The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons. There to greet them was the Move Crew: hundreds of hard-working, cheering, and enthusiastic upper-class students who volunteered to welcome these new members of the Vanderbilt family-€”comprising more than 1600 students-€”to their new home for the next nine months.   This tremendous show of camaraderie and hospitality meant that all the first-year students, along with their boxes, mini-fridges and duffel bags, were feeling right at home in the ten Houses before noon.

This year-€™s Move Crew included students from every class and school, along with the 200-member -€œSpirit of Gold-€ marching band and 92 student VUceptors. Many of the University-€™s more than 300 student clubs and organizations were well-represented, as were -€œalumni-€ from every House in the Ingram Commons.

Dean of The Ingram Commons Frank Wcislo observed, -€œWithout exception, all of the first-year parents I met were wildly enthusiastic about the welcome they received to Vanderbilt, and without exception they were grateful for the Move Crew.-€

In a survey administered to each family of the class of 2015, the impact of Move Crew and appreciation for all their hard work is astonishing: virtually 100% of respondents (for whom the question was applicable) agreed that Move Crew -€œprovided valuable assistance to me,-€ and nearly 91% of those agreed -€œstrongly.-€ Parents, families, and new students were impressed by efficiency of Move Crew-€™s work, and were reassured by this genuine, selfless, and welcoming show of camaraderie from Vanderbilt students.

Responses to the survey included countless expressions of gratitude from new Vanderbilt families, and Move Crew won high praise. One -€œfreshman mom-€ shared -€œA BIG thank you to all of the volunteers who made move-in day a wonderful and memorable experience. From the cheers to the heavy lifting, the students were superb representatives of Vanderbilt.-€

At a university steeped in tradition and school spirit, Move Crew and the volunteers who bring it to life each year continue to offer an invaluable introduction to our community.

Image courtesy of Vanderbilt Photography Services

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