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InnerVU Submission Guidelines and Schedule

InnerVU is a weekly e-newsletter distributed to all undergraduate students.

InnerVU provides campus organizations and departments the opportunity to publicize their events and activities. There is no charge for placing an announcement in InnerVU. InnerVU is distributed to students via email on Sundays during the academic year, excluding holidays and academic breaks.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. All submissions to InnerVU should be sent via the InnerVU Form. The deadline for the Sunday submission is the previous Wednesday. Submissions scheduled for more than two weeks from the publication date will not be included, however we will hold said submissions for their appropriate time.
  • If you are sending your announcement in the form of an image it must be one of the following file types: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.
  • The images in our email are 160×160 pixels. We are happy to resize images, but if you would prefer a distinct 160x160px image for the email please send it as well.
  1. All submissions must include an image, photo, or logo to accompany the announcement.
  2. All submissions must include: title, time, date, and location of event as well as brief description of 2-4 sentences
  • Must also include:
    • Zoom Info/AnchorLink page
    • Name of the sponsoring student organization or department
    • Name of a contact person and that individual’s phone number and/or email address
  1. Times of events should include zeros.
  • Ex 1: 5:00 a.m.
  • Ex 2: 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  1. Dates of events should include day of week.
  • Ex: Tuesday, August 28
  1. ALL student organization programs/meetings/events must be AnchorLink approved and open to the VU community.

InnerVU Schedule

InnerVU goes out weekly, on Sundays, during the Fall and Spring semesters, excluding academic breaks.

Fall 2023 InnerVU Schedule
Week Submission Deadline
(Wednesday End-of-Day)
Publication Date
1 August 23 August 27
2 September 6 September 10
3 September 13 September 17
4 September 20 September 24
5 September 27 October 1
6 October 4 October 8
7 October 11 October 15
8 October 18 October 22
9 October 25 October 29
10 November 1 November 5
11 November 8 November 12
12 No InnerVU – Academic Break No InnerVU – Academic Break
13 November 22 November 26
14 November 29 December 3
  Last day of classes December 7 Last day of classes December 7


Email us at This inbox is only checked periodically, please give us 48 business hours to respond.