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Ben Scott

Class of: 2012
Hometown: Louisville, KY
School: Arts and Science
Major(s): Communication Studies, Medicine, Health & Society
Minors(s): Managerial Studies, Art Studio

Driven by a passion for people and the arts, Ben found his call to serve during high school working with children of Louisville's downtown communities. In developing creative methods to communicate with and empower the children, he found that the arts and non-verbal human connections have a special way of opening up and bringing out the best in those in need. Throughout high school, he lead and participated in several initiatives to address substantial community needs and guided his fellow classmates to enrich themselves by helping others and solving community problems. His most valued experience was in the creation of his school's social justice club, which worked to advocate for and bring relief to local refugee populations. Ben still enjoys returning to Louisville to help with refugee ESL programs during the summer.

Entering Vanderbilt as a freshman, Ben was thrilled to find a campus and city with so much opportunity and eagerness to serve. He quickly found that his weekly highlights were spent volunteering and sharing time with the children on the floors of the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. His big kid spirit and craftiness have landed him and some of the younger patients in minor trouble sometimes after flying paper airplanes and jets through the hospital's hallways. During spring break of sophomore year, Ben traveled with Vanderbilt Catholic to a children's orphanage on the coast of Honduras. His experience with the children and their community revealed a true urge to devote time after graduating to social entrepreneurship, developing innovative methods to bring relief to communities and children like the ones he was blessed to visit with. Ben dreams of establishing artistic enrichment centers in areas of need to spread the empowerment of the creative spirit.

At Vanderbilt, Ben serves as the Director of Public Relations and Finances for ARTreach, a student organization that sends groups of enthusiastic students into Nashville schools each week to engage youth in creative arts projects and splattered with kids’ creativity. He also serves on the board of Vanderbilt Blood:Water Mission, a student social justice group that finds unique and surprising methods of bringing the needs and concerns of international peoples before the eyes of Vanderbilt students. Ben feels humbled to surround himself with the many passionate, caring, and incredible young leaders that are the Ingram Scholarship Program. He is ever so grateful to the Ingram family for providing this opportunity and enriching experience on lifelong call to serve.