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Current Scholars

Julia Tilton

Class of: 2024
Hometown: Amherst, New Hampshire
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Earth & Environmental Sciences and Communication of Science & Technology
Minors(s): Spanish

Julia’s service journey is guided by a deep desire to understand the world around her, seeking to learn from stories told by people and the planet. At Vanderbilt, Julia has been empowered by the reciprocity of service, and her experiences have informed her cross-cultural awareness and appreciation for the stories her community has to share. While volunteering as a Spanish-English translator at the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Julia has learned to honor that space between language acquisition and fluency that pushes her and fellow language learners outside of their comfort zones to improve their respective second languages. Beyond her love of people, Julia possesses a strong admiration for the natural world, and a fierce determination to preserve it. Drawing upon her academic training in the earth sciences, Julia has found opportunities in Nashville and beyond to connect with people and the planet – from teaching urban composting to adults to leading aspiring naturalists through the old-growth forests of Southeast Alaska. 

Right now, Julia is interested in continuing to pursue service at the intersection of education and environmental stewardship. Julia maintains her love of story-collecting and storytelling, and intends to pursue a journalism career focused on people and the environment.