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Current Scholars

Charlotte Meyers

Class of: 2024
Hometown: Scarsdale, New York
School: Peabody College of Education and Human Development
Major(s): Human Organizational Development
Minors(s): Business

From a young age, Charlotte combined her interests and skills to solve problems that impacted her community. In high school, Charlotte’s interest in healthcare led her to establish a ‘Junior Board’ at WP hospital, a place for like-minded peers to discuss ways to decipher the hospital’s needs. Here, Charlotte established her true meaning of service: understanding issues from the population and working collaboratively to find solutions. Charlotte used contributions from her business, Reflections By CharM, to help the hospital in meeting its goals. 

In her service as a Lead Ambassador for Next Steps at Vanderbilt, Charlotte is fueled by her students’ growth and development, and the meaningful connections she has formed. Working with The Local Optimist, Charlotte applies knowledge from her HOD studies to cater mental health outreach to college-aged students. 

Charlotte spent the summer of 2022 working for NYU Langone to develop an integrative return-to-work plan for 9,000 Langone nurses who have experienced personal bereavement. She has enjoyed the relationships she formed, the hard and soft skills developed, and the impact on the Langone community. 

Charlotte is continually humbled and inspired by her Ingram Scholar peers and is thankful the community that continues to challenge and grow with her.