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Current Scholars

Soenika Gorrepati

Class of: 2024
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Medicine, Health, and Society
Minors(s): Chinese

The Ingram Scholars Program has provided valuable mentorship, resources, and inspiration for Sunny as she strives to facilitate the transformation of unfulfilled potential into success through her service. Centering her service goals and approaches around sharing knowledge, building trust, and empowering communities, Sunny started her service journey by providing STEM education to underserved communities in America and in rural India. 

During her time as an Ingram Scholar, Sunny has also worked with both TN Justice Center to explore how COVID-19 was disproportionately affecting marginalized communities and with Siloam Health to create COVID-19 curriculum for immigrant and refugee families in Tennessee. These service experiences, reinforced by Ingram Scholars programming and ideology, illustrated how education can be used to promote equity, sustainable impact, and community independence. In the summer of 2022, Sunny worked with Prepare, the nonprofit she started in high school, to further develop the STEM education program, create and integrate health and hygiene curriculum, and facilitate an eye care camp for government school students in rural India. Sunny is grateful to the Ingram Scholars Program for providing her with several opportunities at the intersection of health and education to fulfill her service goals and explore her career aspirations.