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Elise Driver

Class of: 2022
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Art

Elise Driver is a senior Art major in the College of Arts & Science. She values individual creative expression and approaches art as a celebratory practice that builds community, brings people together, and drives global impact. Elise is experienced in multiple mediums including: charcoal and graphite  drawing; film, cinematography, and video art; photography, digital imaging, mixed media and collage; performance art and installation art. She believes in the transformative power of art as a form of storytelling that capturethe diverse, yet common experiences and emotions found in human nature. As she continues to hone her practice and develop her artistic creative direction, Elise hopes to travel and continuously learn from each creative professional she has the opportunity to work with.   

Elise’s outgoing personality combined with her passion for helping others led her to a love for service.  In 2005, at the age of five, she raised money with a lemonade stand for Hurricane Katrina Relief. This was the first service opportunity of many. In high school, she initiated community outreach programs to effectively communicate information in professional and informal settings alike. Whether it was through social enterprise, fundraising and marketing, or advocacy on behalf of nonprofits, Elise worked to respectfully communicate the needs and concerns for underserved and underrepresented communities. This remains her top priority when volunteering.  

 At Vanderbilt, Elise has consistently served with Room In The Inn (RITI), an organization helping the Nashville homeless community rebuild themselves through professional and personal development. She has helped teach a community art class once a week. This has been her most rewarding experience because of the authentic relationships built with the RITI community. Elise has also volunteered alongside Nashville Ballet, and their community partner, Rejoice Ballet, to provide students from varying socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to study classical ballet. She loves learning for the sake of learning and actively seeks out opportunities to learn about herself and the communities around her. Altogether, Elise believes lifelong inclusive educational opportunities, including in the art studio, are invaluable to society at large. In addition to arts education, she values arts advocacy, health and wellness, and empowering individuals within the homeless community.  

 As Elise enters her final year at Vanderbilt, she will continue to explore the intersection of social impact, her passion for service, and her career interests. She is thankful for the unique opportunities awarded to Ingram Scholars, and she is forever grateful to the Ingram family for their continuous support.