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Julian Hinds

Atlanta, GA - Breakthrough Collaborative: Atlanta

Breakthrough Collaborative is a non-profit organization that has been devoted to guiding students across the United States on their path to college for the past 35 years. As a part of Breakthrough Collaborative, students are required to make a six-year commitment spanning from 7th grade to graduating from high school. During the school year there is a comprehensive high school program for the Atlanta site. However, Breakthrough Atlanta did not have a summer program for high school students, in particular rising ninth graders. Building this summer component was the role I took on. This summer I implemented a plan for a class on Transitioning from Middle School to High School which provided rising ninth graders with detailed guidelines for how to excel in high school. In addition to this, I also worked with my students to compile a booklet on transitioning to high school for students who will come through Breakthrough Atlanta in the future, passed the curriculum for my class on to our Director of College Prep Programs, and compiled a list of activities for their Single Gender class.