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Summer Archives

Emily Woods

Atlanta, GA - Grab the Torch

For my summer project, I created the Fingerprints Leadership Training Curriculum that empowers and equips young people to be servant leaders in their communities. Furthermore, I collaborated with Grab the Torch, a non profit that coordinates camps for youth about leadership, ethics, and philanthropy, to teach the curriculum to nearly forty high school students from across the country. The curriculum consists of six modules that guide youth through an understanding of themselves (purpose, value, and identity), society (awareness of global issues and asset based community development), and their roles in society (servant leadership theory and goal setting strategies). In the first stage of my project, I designed a workbook with readings, worksheets, and reflection questions, and a teacher handbook with lesson plans for corresponding activities and discussions. I then piloted my work in Colorado and Connecticut at two week-long Grab the Torch camps, assessing and revising the curriculum with each pilot run. Concluding my project, I submitted the final version of the curriculum to the U.S. Copyright Office for official registration. Throughout the eight weeks, I partnered with fellow Ingram scholar Elin Bunch to write Fingerprints, and we are hopeful about working with Grab the Torch and other organizations to share the curriculum in the future.