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Michael Feldman

Kampala, Uganda - Empower African Children

In Uganda, there are approximately 2.7 million orphans, 1.7 million as a result of HIV/AIDS. Even more, 85% of Ugandan children will not attend school past the primary level. Empower African Children seeks to provide students with innovative educations. The organization prides itself on their holistic approach to childcare that provides for physical, intellectual, and mental needs. This summer, my second spent with EAC, I created a community service curriculum to fit within EAC’s student life program and that can be incorporated into EAC’s boarding school when opened within the next few years. My main task was to answer the question “How can EAC illustrate to students how they can use their skills to give back?” I tried to create a curriculum that helps facilitate the amazing goals of EAC — to stretch creativity, to guide career development, to build character, to provide a child-centered education, and to encourage students to participate in service to others.


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