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Summer Archives

Cherie Fathy

Amman, Jordan - United Nations Relief and Works Agency

I worked with the Head of Health Reform on revamping and refining the health services that UNRWA Jordan Field has offered to Palestine refugees for over 60 years. The reform included introducing interventions such as a block appointment system to deal with the large numbers of patients and the low patient-doctor contact time, a queue system to measure the amount of time a doctor spends with his patients, a checklist that gauged the quality of the time spent with patients (to look through the quality of the medical records), and also worked on the health education program. The health education program included creating and putting up posters in the 24 health centers detailing the specifics of the reform to inform patients, implementing the use of educational health video cartoons to be used in the waiting room to teach people how to manage illnesses prevalent in the camps, and finally, meeting and planning with some of the camps’ most talented youth artists to create a health art series throughout the year to be used in the health centers.

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