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Summer Projects

* designates a scholar who split their summer project with multiple groups

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Caroline Walker

Bessborough Centre


Newton Adkins

Educators For Fair Consideration

Emma Catlett

Serve the City Madrid

Jordan Clark

Technology For Tomorrow

Morgan Evertz

Foundation for Sustainable Development - The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO)

Daniel Feuer

Smoothie Kidz

Julian Hinds

Breakthrough Collaborative: Atlanta

Rachel King

Teach Twice

Lisa Koenig

Nashville Prep

Patrick McGee

Alianca da Terra

Shilpa Mokshagundam

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Whitley O'Connor

The Curbside Chronicle

Ryan Selvaggio

Lavender Hill High School

Kevin Wolf

Technology For Tomorrow


Michael Feldman

Policy Research - Disability Inclusion

Kelsey Hagen

The A21 Campaign

Tina He

Foundation for Sustainable Development - Milango Financial Services

Stefanie Herrmann

Foundation for Sustainable Development - Las Puertas del Saber

Rob Higham

Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational Institute

Lisa Koenig

Shalom Foundation - Moore Pediatric Center

Anuj Patwardhan

Foundation for Sustainable Development - Milango Financial Services

Sebastian Rogers

Organized and United for Respect - OUR Vanderbilt

Marwah Shahid

Meharry Medical College - 12South Community Clinic

Alexis Simpson

Girls Inspired to Achieve (GITA Girls)

Kristen Sueing

The Beat Within

Mara Truslow

Martha O'Bryan Center

Emily Woods

Grab the Torch


Hanna Chapman *

Baron's Court Project and New Horizon Youth Centre

Drew Cornaghie *, Marshall Islands Conservation Society

Cherie Fathy

United Nations Relief and Works Agency

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