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Summer Projects

* designates a scholar who split their summer project with multiple groups

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Nana Koram

Public Health, Clinical Med

Justin Memmott

Right to Life Committee

Lee Ann O

Meeting Point

Erin O

Cross Cultural Solutions

Rusty Phillips

Public Health, Clinical Med

Erin Quinn


Jim Reynolds



Melissa Garrity

McKendree Village

Abbey Goldstein

American Friends Service Committee

Margaret Murphy

Perry School Community Services Center

Kate Randall

UNICEF Read & Lead Project

Gayle Rogers

Siriaj Hospital

Monica Wattana

Siriaj Hospital


Jennifer Chang

Millvale Community Center

Bradley Cordes

Campus for Human Development

Rasheedat Fetuga

Village School Project

Peachy Myers

Community Youth Center

Jeff Robinson

Legal Services Corporation

Gayle Rogers

Pruitt Library

Fred Valizadeh

Good Neighbor Settlement House

Preethi Venepalli



Ginger Baker

Student/Native American Partnerships (SNAP)

Lyndi Hewitt


Rachel McDonald

United Nations Latin American Institute for Crime Prevention and Treatment of Offenders

Peachy Myers

Cabrini Green

Rohit Sahni

Jain Bal Ahram orphanage


Patrick Alexander

Vanderbilt Pet Project

Jason Dinger

Morgenster School

Joy Gray

Peace and Reconciliation Group

Alan Linch

Student Native American Partnerships (SNAP)

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