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Identity Initiatives

The 2016 Diversity, Inclusion, & Community Report along with the subsequent annual Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion reports have included recommendations specifically related to the current lack of available resources and support for historically marginalized and underrepresented communities at Vanderbilt. We operate with the understanding that there is immense work to do to uplift our current ongoing efforts and expedite new sustainable initiatives for our communities of people who identify as disabled, Latinx, first-generation, from low-income backgrounds, Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, and more.


The Provost’s Office for Inclusive Excellence’s Identity Initiatives are intended to be resource-hubs for typically underinvested communities of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty. The Initiatives provide a mentorship platform and connection to alumni through AlumniQ, access to national organizations, annual events and programming around pertinent topics, and financial support. They are overseen by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the communities centered in the initiatives. The OIE collaborates across disciplines and scholar classifications to create, promote, and sustain innovative and impactful resources tailored to our communities’ needs.