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Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The Office for Inclusive Excellence serves the Vanderbilt community with a strategic emphasis to promote academic success, professional and cultural education, and inclusivity and belonging among its students, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows. The OIE works to assess the progress of inclusive excellence across all areas of Academic Affairs.

Inclusive Excellence Resources. It displays a wheel that depicts 7 areas, including Institutional Research, Research Support, Faculty Affairs, Admissions and Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Learning and Residential Experiences

Our Office Goals

  1. Attracting and retaining top faculty and student talent from around the globe to Vanderbilt University.
    • By partnering to offer innovative approaches to recruitment of populations historically underrepresented at Vanderbilt, particularly graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty
    • By fostering a culture and climate that welcomes individuals from varied backgrounds and circumstances and supports individual achievement
  2. Advancing efforts that ensure that our students and faculty have equitable access to resources, opportunities, support and recognition that allow them to maximize their success at Vanderbilt and beyond.
    • By conducting fine-grained student and faculty success analyses
    • By working closely with academic affairs leaders in considering innovative approaches to catalyze further success
  3. Striving beyond simply fostering success toward an increasing, intentional sense of belonging and affirmation at Vanderbilt for all students and faculty.
    • By collaborating on and spearheading initiatives that assist faculty and students in forging and maintaining social connections
    • By foregrounding an atmosphere that invites and encourages the engagement of the broad array of faculty and students