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Vanderbilt Undergraduate Creative Expression Showcase

The Fall 2021 VUCES will occur on Wednesday, Nov.17 in the Student Life Center Board of Trust. Applications will be open from Thursday, Oct. 7 - Thursday, Nov. 4.

The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Creative Expression Showcase features student-created projects from a variety of fields and disciplines. It is open to all undergraduate students across the university who wish to showcase the creative works they have completed during their time at Vanderbilt and features a portfolio of student-created works and an evening of student presentations.

The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Creative Expression Showcase is sponsored by the Office of Immersion Resources.

Materials for Fall '21 VUCES

RSVP for Fall 2021 VUCES

Registration is not required to attend the event; however, a program and links to the online gallery will be sent to registered attendees.

Other University Showcases

Each semester at Vanderbilt brings together many different showcases and exhibitions as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students throughout the academic year. We encourage our attendees to take advantage of all the exciting events happening during this semester.

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Past Presentations

View submissions from the Spring 2021 VUCES to see the types of exciting projects that are displayed.