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Through Immersion Vanderbilt, students have the option to have their research immersive experiences and projects recognized on the transcript. Students who are engaged in lab sciences, social sciences, humanities, and field work have the potential to transform ideas into action, refine skills, and integrate knowledge with experience.

Approximately 60 percent of graduating seniors report conducting research during their time at Vanderbilt. Keep reading to see examples of how five current and former Vanderbilt students have taken advantage of the world-class resources available to engage in truly immersive research experiences.

photo of Janet Stefanov

Janet Stefanov, Arts & Science
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Janet spent her summer of 2020 investigating electronic financial transactions and their relationship to fighting poverty in Kenya. For her Immersion project, Janet constructed a formal model of a digital finance application that provided insight into this topic, and how similar apps could be adopted in other developing countries. Read more.

photo of Alex McLeod

Alex McLeod, Arts & Science
Major: Neuroscience, and Medicine Health, and Society

Inspired by a virtual reality experience in the Wondr’y, Alex has spent the past two years using VR to serve chemotherapy patients at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Read more.

Photo of Alyssa Bolster

Alyssa Bolster, Arts & Science
Major: Anthropology and Law, History, and Society

Alyssa has spent the last two years in Professor Tiffiny Tung's Bioarchaeology and Stable Isotope Research Lab (BSIRL), immersing herself in bioarchaeological research and its applications in forensic science.  Read more.
Picture of Andres Dones

Andres Dones, Arts & Science
Major: Neuroscience

Dones derived inspiration for Immersion from his relationship with his brother, who was diagnosed with hemophilia. For his Immersion project, he is working with Dr. David Gailani at the Hemophilia Treatment Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Read more.