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Kevin Galloway stands next to a board covered in yellow, pink and orange sticky notes. He has a presentation remote in one hand as he lectures to students seated at tables and chairs.

How to Make (Almost) Anything

By canterml | April 20, 2018

Check out this NewsChannel5 story to see a DIVE course in action.

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Students in the Design Thinking, Design Doing University Course are gathered around several tables pushed together. The students are paired off as they work on a design-thinking exercise. At the back of the classroom, Prof. David Owens walks around the pairs of students as he guides the exercise.

Design Thinking, Design Doing

By canterml | April 20, 2018

“Design Thinking, Design Doing” is a University Course that focuses on human-centered design. This course will be offered in Fall semester 2018. The course introduces theories and practices of design. The design thinking elements…

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On a pile of colorful clothes in disarray, a white t-shirt with black text reads "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR."

The History of Fashion

By canterml | April 18, 2018

Alexandra Sargent Capps saw a natural intersection between fashion design and design thinking within her History of Fashion Class. In Fall 2017, the class become part of the Enhancing Existing…

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