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Immersion Vanderbilt calls for each undergraduate student to participate in an intensive learning experience that takes place in and beyond the classroom and culminates in the completion of a final project. Students will engage in a civic and professional, creative expression, international, or research immersion experience. These experiences might involve writing and producing a musical, studying the workings of cells in a lab, traveling to Guatemala to repair medical equipment, or working on a project designed to understand human behavior. Immersion Vanderbilt will help students explore their interests, transform ideas into action, and make a difference in the world.

Immersion Vanderbilt is built on the belief that universities can—and should—provide students with a deeper, more complete education by integrating traditional knowledge with experience in and beyond the classroom. Our students already embrace, expect, and execute immersive learning experiences guided by our faculty. The Class of 2022 will do so through the framework of Immersion Vanderbilt and will benefit from a network of resources to support their efforts.

The 2013-14 Academic Strategic Planning process saw the creation of Immersion Vanderbilt. Our Strategic Plan places as a main tenet a commitment to providing an intellectual community that educates the whole person and cultivates lifelong learning. Immersion Vanderbilt achieves this goal by providing students with an avenue to pursue passions and cultivate intellectual interests through experiential learning. Over 600 faculty members participated directly or indirectly in the Strategic Planning Process, making Immersion Vanderbilt a program inspired by our world-class faculty.

Since the introduction of the Strategic Plan, much work has been done to develop the framework through which Immersion Vanderbilt will operate. Nearly 40 faculty from across all schools and colleges have served on the Immersion Committee charged with crafting the potential academic structure and network of resources. Faculty members across the university assessed this work and further developed the individual school and college programs as Immersion Vanderbilt navigated through the faculty governance process. Completion of an immersion experience and a final academic project tied to that experience are a degree requirement for undergraduate students entering in the Summer/Fall of 2018 and beyond.

The timeline below documents the work done on Immersion Vanderbilt.