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DIVE Boot Camps



Offered several times per semester by experts in human-centered design thinking, Boot Camps will give you the chance to explore human-centered design and experiment with the knowledge you have gained.


We’re putting together a very special event this year, a hack-a-thon focused on Laryngectomy patients called, “LaryHacks”. Laryngectomy patients have had their voice boxes removed for cancer, which introduces a number of lifestyle changes for them. This event is focused on identifying innovative solutions to improve their quality of life.

For this two-part event, Laryngectomy patients will be matched with students in engineering, business, speech-language pathology, ear-nose-throat surgery, and design to form multidisciplinary teams.

The first part of the event is an all-day Saturday “boot camp” that will involve training in design thinking and innovation, as well as a workshop to identify and brainstorm your team’s solution. This will be on March 24th. Sign up for Part 1 and Part 2 of this boot camp now!


Recent Boot Camps


The most recent design-thinking boot camp was held March 24, 2018 for LaryHacks. Join us April 12 for the LaryHacks Celebration and Pitch Event.


Boot Camp Facts

  • All Vanderbilt community members may participate in a DIVE Boot Camp, including undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, staff, and faculty. The goal of the Boot Camps is to provide broad campus exposure to human-centered design.
  • Students participating in the the Co-Curricular Projects or University Course Deep DIVE experience will participate in a Boot Camp either prior to or during their experience.
  • Please email to sign up for the DIVE list serv, learn about new DIVE opportunities, and be the first to find out about future Boot Camps.


Student Learning Outcomes

Comprehend human-centered design principles through an active learning process

  • describe these steps
  • recognize them when presented with examples of design processes
  • distinguish between human-centered design and other approaches to design