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A New Kind of Recital with Madeline Mehra

Posted by on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 in Immersion Blog.

I started off my Vanderbilt career as a viola performance major in the Blair School of Music. I was always planning on double majoring in Economics, a discipline I intended to pursue post grad. Blair satisfied my inner passion for music and allowed me so many performance opportunities to share what I love. However, I felt it would be best for my other academic interests to instead pursue a minor. Then, immersion gave me the experience I was craving. I crafted a project inspired by a normal performance graduation requirement, a senior recital. However, I realized I could take it further and add my own twist to the simple requirement that will allow me an in depth musical experience across my four years.

To get started, I created a bucket list of pieces I wanted to play and tried to put together a theme. I also knew performing works by female composers and historically underrepresented music was important to me. Taking classes in musicology made me realize Immersion could help me bind my passion for the performative and academic aspects of music. And so it was born, a new kind of senior recital with an integrated, (hopefully) original program and lecture.

My next step was taking this to both my private lesson professor and my musicology professor for guidance on research, and preparation for the technical skills it will take to successfully execute the difficult program. After they were both on board, the rest of the project fell into place with a submission and meeting with the Creative Expression Program Coordinator. I used different courses like Dr. Shadle’s “Classical Music Today” to inform how to put on a relevant recital and took a Sonata Class with Professor Kathryn Plummer and Professor Amy Dorfman to develop experience in performing a collaborative sonata. I found a new kind of motivation to progress and learn due to my project!

Madeline Mehra, Class of 2022
Economics Major, Viola Performance Minor

Madeline Mehra is a Sophomore in A&S studying Economics with a minor in Viola Performance. She is from Naperville, IL.