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Let’s Go Inside Immersion

Posted by on Friday, January 24, 2020 in Immersion Blog.

The Class of 2022 will be the first to complete Immersion Vanderbilt!

Welcome to Inside Immersion, the official blog dedicated to all things Immersion Vanderbilt! With a new year, come new and exciting opportunities. In particular, 2020 marks a crucial moment in the Immersion Vanderbilt timeline. By April 1, 2020, all members of the sophomore class must submit their Immersion Plan Proposals online via ImmersionHub. This proposal will include important information about each student’s project, including who will serve as the Immersion faculty adviser.

As we move towards this deadline, this blog will:

1) Allow students fulfilling the Immersion requirement to share their stories about all things Immersion, from how they located an Immersion faculty adviser to completing initial Immersion experiences;

2) Help students understand the vast possibilities available through Immersion by showcasing an assortment of projects and ideas; and

3) Serve as a source of helpful tips and strategies for completing Immersion.

So, what should your next steps be as you get ready to submit your plan proposal?

Schedule an advising appointment with one of our program coordinators pictured here. 
(Photo by Anne Rayner, VU)

First, seek Immersion advising by scheduling an appointment with an OIR adviser on ImmersionHub. Still unsure of what you want to do? Or maybe you already have an idea (or few) to discuss? That’s totally fine. Our advisers are specially equipped to help you explore projects that fit your passions, resources, and schedule. Plus, the OIR will raffle off a cool prize each month to a student who has attended one-on-one advising!

Second, start early. April will be here before we know it, and Immersion involves a bit of planning on the front end. Whether you are applying for internships or simply wanting to find the perfect Immersion faculty adviser for your project, you’ll need to give yourself time to plan before submitting your proposal.

Last, don’t stress. A great Immersion project is one that you would actually enjoy doing, and the OIR can help you get there! Stop by for an individual advising session or check out one of our upcoming events, such as Career Fair Drop-In Immersion Advising on Feb. 13 and the International Immersion Showcase on Feb. 20. Plus, we will be launching an exciting series of events in the month of March to help students prepare their Immersion plans. More info coming soon – stay tuned!

Happy Immersion Planning!