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The History of Fashion

Posted by on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in DIVE Course Features.

Alexandra Sargent Capps saw a natural intersection between fashion design and design thinking within her History of Fashion Class. In Fall 2017, the class become part of the Enhancing Existing Courses Deep DIVE. As a final product of the course, Sargent Capps’ students produced “Rethinking Collegiate Couture,” which showcases student-driven approaches and solutions to fashion sustainability through human-centered design.

Acknowledgements: The fashion sustainability video was conceptualized, researched, written, and produced by the fall THTR 2017 History of Fashion course; it stars the students; and it was edited by Erin Hardnett, Vanderbilt class of 2021. Two students from Vanderbilt’s Next Steps program were active participants in the class and in the creation of this project.

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