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April, 2018

How to Make (Almost) Anything

Apr. 20, 2018—Check out this NewsChannel5 story to see a DIVE course in action.

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Design Thinking, Design Doing

Apr. 20, 2018—“Design Thinking, Design Doing” is a University Course that focuses on human-centered design. This course will be offered in Fall semester 2018. The course introduces theories and practices of design. The design thinking elements of the course offer a critical understanding of methods for researching interactions between humans and the social and built environment, whereas the design doing elements teach us...

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The History of Fashion

Apr. 18, 2018—Alexandra Sargent Capps saw a natural intersection between fashion design and design thinking within her History of Fashion Class. In Fall 2017, the class become part of the Enhancing Existing Courses Deep DIVE. As a final product of the course, Sargent Capps’ students produced “Rethinking Collegiate Couture,” which showcases student-driven approaches and solutions to fashion...

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