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About Us

IICC Mission

The mission of the IICC is to promote an environment of cultural competency, inclusivity, and awareness on the Vanderbilt campus.

IICC Vision

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive service of inclusion and cultural engagement that facilitates the creation of an institution dedicated to all forms of racial, cultural, gender, religious, ability, and sexual identity expression. We seek to do this by equipping the Vanderbilt community with the tools necessary to be to effective agents of social change in an increasingly diverse world.

Objectives & Competencies

To fulfill our mission, the Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence (IICC) operates within the model of A.C.C.E.SS.

Through the model of A.C.C.E.SS., IICC seeks to:

  • IICC advocates by intentionally advising and holistically supporting the needs and issues surrounding and affecting multicultural, international, and underrepresented students and groups.

  • IICC provides cultural competency trainings, modules, and workshops to students, staff, and faculty that seek to deepen the level of authentic and inclusive dialogue across the university.

  • IICC offers intentional educational programming initiatives on intersecting identities of race, faith/religious tradition, nationality, sex, class, gender, sexual identity, ability, and other social identities.

  • IICC provides a space and resources that fosters the emotional wellness and well-being of all students and cultural groups.

  • IICC collaborates with university and community partners to develop a diversity network that offers a climate of justice, access, equity, and learning and leadership opportunities for all students.


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