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The HTS facility houses state-of-the-art liquid handlers and multi-mode plate readers that can be integrated into screening systems for automated HTS applications. The suite of plate readers contains instruments with varying sensitivities for all common modalities including absorbance, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization and luminescence. Additionally, we offer label-free, alpha screen, scintillation proximity and high-content screening technologies. Liquid handling capabilities allow for volume transfers ranging from 2.5 nanoliters to liters, in various combinations of fixed and random plate arrays. Readers and liquid handlers are available for walk-up use, as well as automated screening. Furthermore, the facility staffs a full-time engineer to ensure the instrumentation meets or exceeds industry specifications for operation.


Data Analysis and Storage

The informatics and statistical capabilities of the HTS facility include data storage, archival and analysis of data, as well as custom databases and applications tailored for HTS applications. The integrity of the large volumes of data generated in the HTS facility is maintained by an infrastructure centered on redundant data storage, both at the laboratory and at a central Vanderbilt data repository with virus scans and backup preformed daily. Secured facility access and video monitoring provide for physical security of the facility whereas the data network itself is protected by a dual-layer firewall. Transfer rates are preserved by the compartmentalization of robots and controllers into a sub-network. To exceed the required capacity of the system, upgrades are liberal with the entire network retrofitted on a two-year cycle. Data processing, storage and custom informatics solutions are all offered on a fee-for-service basis and can be requested by submitting the Intake Form.


Microplate Readers and imager



Synergy NEO
Micro XL
Seahorse XFe96
WaveFront Biosciences
Biotek Instruments
Molecular Devices
Seahorse Bioscience
Whole plate kinetic imaging
Multimode iterative well scanning
Automated microscope imager
Extracellular flux analyzer
Fluorescence intensity, fluoresence polarization, time resolved fluorescence, UV-Vis absorbance, luminescence
and transmitted light, time-lapse imaging
OCR/ECAR, oxidative phosphorylation, glycolysis, fatty acid oxidation
Other Info
384-well plates
96-well plates
supports multiple wavelengths in single experiment; flexible liquid handling using the Agilent Bravo platform
96, 384, 1536-well plates
6,12,24,48,96, 384-well plates, microscope slides
Requires manufacturer's cell culture plate and assay kit

Thermo CRS robotics, Cytomat incubators, and barcode printers are available with automation. Plate sealers, centrifuges, and shakers are available as peripheral equipment.

Liquid Handling

Echo 555 & 555 Omics
Multidrop Combi
Velocity 11/Agilent
Velocity 11/Agilent
Automated Acoustic Liquid Transfer
Automated Pipette Liquid Transfer
Automated Pipette Liquid Transfer
Liquid Dispenser
Liquid Aspirator/Dispenser
Options DMSO or aqueous solvents
Plate stamping, cherry-picking, dose response titrations Volumes: 2.5 - 1000 nL
Any liquid viscosity
Plate stamping and serial dilutions (row or column), tip washing Volumes: 0.1 - 300 uL
Any liquid viscosity
Plate stamping Volumes: 1 - 300 uL
Variable liquid viscosities
High-speed 8-channel liquid dispenser using a peristaltic pump
Volumes: 0.5 – 2500 uL
Variable liquid viscosities Plate washer- 96 well manifold
Volumes: 50 – 3000 uL
Other Info
96, 384, 1536-well plates
96, 384, 1536-well plates
96, 384, 1536-well plates
96, 384, 1536-well plates
96 or 384-well plates



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